Accidental Photo Bomb - Iflord Xp2

"The gift of being able to be in the midst of peoples lives and witness human nature at many levels is a gift we will always treasure. It's a little more than taking pictures for us."


What started as a simple drone project would later become what is now known as Lion and Lamb Film. So in 2018 after the birth of our first child, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue Content Creation. I pursued Videography since I was intrigued by the moving parts. It only took a couple a couple months to Realize, that I was completely in Love with Videography and Photography. Excited for all the Moments to Come.


Hannah is a soulful mother and photographer. She discovered her passion for photography as a child as a creative outlet. She would use her parents collection of throw away kodaks during all the family gatherings and found a deep connection in her collections of her families old photographs and her mothers retro, candid, film portraits. Fun fact growing up my first user handle on myspace and all things social media was VintageLove5302 showcasing my expression of all the moody aesthetics."

"I am an empath and I hope to show that in my work... I want you to look at your images and feel a rush of emotions taking you back to that moment in time.."

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