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Update - 09.07.2023

Dear Lion and Lamb Film Family,

Here are some developments we've been working on over here,

please take the time to read everything.

Life Update:

We just moved back home, and on 08.28.2023 our little one went back to school, so that has been giving us a little more time to focus on work during the week! Hannah is just coming back off of maternity leave, and we are excited to get back into the flow of things, cause it's been crazy. The baby has been growing like crazy, and we are still working on getting our house setup and spend time with our family and children with the free time we have, which TBH there isn't a lot of, but were blessed to be alive and able, and we'll take what we can get.

Work Update:

If you are pending work from us, thank you for being beyond patient, and for trusting us to be your photogs and videogogs.

  1. Upgrades/Optimizing: We have made some significant upgrades to our hard-drives and workflow, to be able to store and work on multiple projects at once vs one at a time.
  2. Monthly Updates: We will be switching to Monthly updates as that will be easier for us to manage, and we will be working on a few projects in rotation (no specific order) every month.
  3. Our goal: Simple, get everyone their galleries and videos as soon as we humanly can, as well as maintain the quality of our work. In order, to expedite the process we may need to move the order around to get the "smaller" projects out sooner, making the list move faster. That is why we are focusing on Monthly Batch Processing to get things done a little sooner.
  4. Wedding Videography - we will be sending out video collection links at the start of every month, and videos will be uploaded as they are completed.
  5. September 2023 will be the most crazy month this fall, as we have to travel out of state and in state to a lot of weddings.
  6. October 2023 will be a little more balanced, only one out-of-state travel, so it should be a little easier flowing.

We love each and every name below; and your families, and your pets.

We are passionate about what we do, and we genuinely care about your memories, photos, and videos.

These memories are for life, not a fad, not a trend. And in the future maybe you'll look back and be glad they are there.

If we have lost your respect, your trust, or if we have made your patience run thin, we sincerely apologize for allowing our personal life affect our business, that was not our intention; we are trying our best.

Thank you,


We will be switching over to Monthly updates,

as that will be easier for us to manage, and we will be processing a few projects every month, in rotation (no specific order).



Nicole + Jacob

Alexandria + Brady

Lindsey + Weston

Stephanie + Greg

Skyler + Austin


Allison + Brendan

Savannah + Luis

Ashley + Korey

Leighanna + Chris



Jessica + Eran

Jasmine + Emiliano

Rachel + Cooper

Stephanie + Matthew

Tori + Brian

Sonika + Zunial


Doralee + Jay

Abigail + Jason

Delissa + Mikal

Keanna + Vince



Cara + Marquie

Carina + Adrian

Camila + Mason

Sonika + Zunail


Maribel + Luis

Tabitha + Andrew

Valeria + Juan

LeeAnn + Kimberly



Blake + Tomer

Alex + Des

Alexis + Michael

Darcie + Julio

Cydney + Austin


Alexandria + Brady

Lindsey + Weston

Jasmine + Emiliano

Stephanie + Matthew

Kelsey + Zach

Alexis + Christian

THIS PAGE WAS UPDATED on September 7, 2023

LATE: Any wedding before May 7, 2023

Communication attempts made via instagram or text may get lost due to the amount of notifications we receive.

please allow 24-72 hours for a response via email.

Need a little more assistance?

If you have to tried to get a hold of us via text, or direct message on social media, it may have been buried in the vast number of notifications and messages we get on a weekly basis, if we haven't responded to your email, please send us an email with this form!

Older Notices

Notice - 05.26.2023

Below is the estimated editing queue, on where things stand as of today May 26th, 2023.

Due to Hannah being sick and on bed-rest this whole last trimester, and before then too, It has only been me, Danny, handling all the workload you see below, until she is feeling better.

I am working as hard, and as fast as I can. Work has not been stopped, and I will continue to work on everyone's gallery, photo shoot, and video, until Hannah goes into active labor. As soon as baby boy is born, I may take a couple days off (5 - 7 days), just to be present with our new arrival. Communication has been slowed down, and during work/editing hours all notifications are being silenced.

If you have any issues or concerns,

please email us at

Communication attempts made via instagram or text may get lost due to the amount of notifications we receive. please allow 24-72 hours for a response via email.


dear lion and lamb film family,

we want to formally address that due to the unanticipated circumstances in the Fall of 2022, we are delayed on all Photo Galleries starting October 29, 2022, and Delayed on all Videos starting August 20th, 2022. We also want to formally notify you, that you are indeed going to receive your photos and your videos.

we also want to inform you that we are doing everything we can, to complete everyone's videos and photos, from the fall of 2022, before the birth of our new son, which will be sometime Late May or June 2023.

we have never had this much work, or inquiries, in the 3 years we've been in business, and we have learned a lot after 50 weddings, but we're still learning, and we want to sincerely apologize, to all of you, for the delay.

we also want to apologize for booking 16 weddings between September - December 2022, when we should've only booked about 10. last year taught us that you can never have enough fail-safes, and that there is such a thing as helping or giving too much. this year brings new goals for us, as Business Owners and as Parents, especially building up the adequate life resources and processes to navigate the unplanned circumstances that we will encounter.

Thank You All, for choosing to work with us, and for trusting us with your Wedding Day, and most importantly thank you for your patience. it's truly an honor to be able to capture the moments that you will pass on to your children, and hopefully theirs too. We will have your deliverables completed as soon as humanly possible, and you'll be notified as soon as they're ready. We will still be updating the list as we go.

With Love,

Lion and Lamb Film

What's Next?!

So this is the part that everyone is so excited about, yet dreads so much. In a time, where everything is ready "on-Demand" this can be quite difficult for even the most patient of people, including us! We weren't even a month in and we were already curious about our photos and videos! But we are here to make sure we can guide you through this waiting period. Here are some of the few things that we are doing during these 10 -12 weeks following your Wedding...

Photography Workflow-

EST 10-12 Weeks - dependent on work load.

  • Back-up photos onto our editing hard drives, and back-up drives.
  • Create a second back-up of your files on a Cloud Server to protect our editing hard drives.
  • Photos will be selected and culled. (Culling is when we take all the photos captured, and we go through every photograph to select and sort out the best ones)
  • Once photos are culled, then we will begin looking at the selects to identify what color, composition, cropping and editing best suits your story and wedding gallery as a whole. Since we are huge advocates of True-Tone Editing, we want to make sure we are enhancing images subtly, but naturally as well, balancing and neutralizing colors as we think best represents you the couple.
  • Once photos have been edited, cropped, color corrected, and neutralized, we will do a final review of the gallery as a whole, and ensure that all the photos stand together to showcase your wedding day as it happened. It is at this stage where we may do another round of editing, incase we see it fit to make any slight changes.
  • When photos are done being edited, we will then export all your images, and we will back them up on our hard drives and we will also start uploading them onto your personalized gallery.
  • After they are uploaded onto your gallery we will start by curating them, to create the different sections within your entire gallery. We will spend time organizing your photos so that selecting and finding photos will be easier for you.
  • Once the Gallery has been sorted, and curated, it will be sent to you and your partner via email, and also via text!

Videography Workflow -

EST 10-12 Weeks - dependent on work load.

  • Back-up videos onto our editing hard drives, and back-up drives.
  • Create a second back-up of your files on a Cloud Server to protect our hard drives.
  • Transcode/Convert your video files into proxies to be edited.
  • Videos will be reviewed and watched. Similar to culling in photos, but with video we are looking for the best moments, audio sound bites, and of course the best shots. We start by watching the ceremony and speeches to look for a mood or story line.
  • Once the video footage is reviewed, we will start with music selection. During this process we are carefully looking for music that reinforces your story, your personalities, or your wedding day as it happened. Every couple, and every story is different, so we don't just pick the first song we find, we will look at everything as a whole and make sure the selection is as perfect of a fit that we can think of.
  • After, we find a handful of music options or audio that could potentially work, we will start mixing and matching clips to identify the introduction, storyline, or climaxes within the film. This is usually the hardest part as we like to try mutliple songs, variations in lay out, and audio use. It is common to go through a couple of variations before settling on one final edit.
  • Once we have completed the layout of the film, and the music selection has been mixed in, and storyline has been set, we will finalize the film by color-grading it. Since we are shooting in a LOG format (no color information) we need to add color back to the footage, so much like in photo editing, we will test a couple of variations to see what best represents your wedding day, as well as the vibe and feeling of the overall film.
  • After the film has been finalized, it will be reviewed multiple times to check for Audio playback, Visual Playback, and we will also watch the film on multiple devices to ensure that playback is working properly.
  • Once we have your film ready to deliver we will upload it to your private online collection, as well as upload it to our Youtube account. At this point, we will send your online collection via email, and we will provide you with a YouTube link so that it is easier to share with your loved ones.



What is the average delivery time for a wedding gallery or film?

The average time for a wedding gallery or film to be completed is between 10-12 weeks. However, it is common for this to be extended in busy months.

What times of the year are Busiest?

For us, the busiest time of the year begins mid to late September, and ends around February/March. In our off season, starting in Feb/March, we do limit our amount of weddings to allow us time to edit last years work, as well as stay away from the Texas heat that shows up late spring/early summer

Do we get any sneak peeks while we wait for our gallery to be completed?

Yes. We try to turn a handful of sneak peeks so that you may share with family and loved ones!

What do we do in the meantime?

Now is the perfect time to decide how you would like to save your videos or photos. There are so many options for saving your heirlooms! You can start thinking about Photo Albums, Prints, Large Format Prints, or even a Video Album!

Is the photo gallery and wedding film delivered at the same time?

Not quite. We try our very best to delivery your photos and videos at the same time, however we have two different timelines (editing queues) for turning in photos and videos. In some cases. we are only hired for photo/video only, and in those cases our timelines vary.

What is the best way to check the Status of your photos or videos?

The best way to see the status of your deliverables, is in this Editing Queue above. This list will be updated Weekly, or upon completion of the projects at the top of the queue.

What is the best way to contact us to ask a quesiton?

If you have a question about the status of your video or photo gallery, you can look at the updated list above, or you can send us an email with the button below. You can also text us or message us on Instagram, however due to the amount of notifications and messages, it may take a while for us to see your message.

How do I order prints, albums, video albums, or add-ons?

If your interested in prints, enlarged prints, or canvases, you can order those through your online gallery. Secondly, if your looking for a photo album or video album, you can send us a message with the button below.