What about a First Touch - It's a Thing!

We are constantly thinking of moments to allow our clients to be themselves. We incorporate intimate experiences into your wedding day as much as possible. Sometimes its good to get away from everyone and just have a little moment for the two of you alone! We love first looks, but sometimes doing a first touch can be more intimate and emotional than a first look!

Why have a First Touch?

Okay for real, we absolutely love doing a First Touch with our couples! Yes, everyone is going for the First Look option to spice up their wedding day, but recently we have been noticing an increase in the First Touch. Doing a first touch with your partner really allows you to have an intimate moment before you see each other walking down the aisle! We have done this multiple ways and I swear they never get old!

How to do a First Touch and what can you do?

So the whole concept of the first touch is to obviously not see each other but have a moment alone and get some dope shots! Here is a list of things you can do!

  1. HOLD EACH OTHER - Seems a bit obvious, but really, we want you to be comfortable, and we know that being with your partner will help you get grounded before the ceremony! So, its okay if all you do is just be present.
  2. EXCHANGE LETTERS/GIFTS - A way to jazz up the first touch is to Exchange letters or have small gifts for each other! You definitely have the option to read the letter out-loud to each other or in private.
  3. SPICE IT UP! - It's your wedding! If you want to get a little close and whisper cute things to each other, or give each other a big kiss, by all means, give them a big smooch, or a healthy butt grab, we don't care!

How To + Tips

Heres a couple of things to keep in mind!

  1. BLINDFOLDS HELP - We promise its not weird! Blindfolds are a great thing to add to your first touch. Both of you don't need to have a blind fold, but we do like for you to choose something soft and solid in color! In a pinch you can use the ribbon on the brides robe!
  2. LOCATION - We highly recommend picking a place that is quiet and away from guests. This will give you a true moment alone away from distractions and people that are going to want to witness the whole moment! Getting ready suites are golden, as well as alleys, and fields!
  3. THE TOUCH -
  4. BACK TO BACK - A very simple way of starting your first touch is to have your photographer or planner, set you both back-to-back, then you can go from there! Slowly rotating and posing if your photographer is into that!
  5. HUG FROM BEHIND - Another way to ease into the first touch is to have one of you hug the other from behind, from here the person behind can wrap their arms around the other, hold hands, kiss a cheek or back of the head, or whisper into the other persons ear! The photos look adorbs!
  6. WALL CORNER OR DOOR - This is a classic way to do a letter reading, exchange of gifts, or hand hold. If you do not have blind folds this is a perfect way of doing a first touch without worrying about your partner seeing you!

If you would like to see a Cinematic First Touch, checkout this REEL we made!

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