Top 3 Wedding Day Exit Ideas + How to have a Successful One

#1 - The Sparkler Exit

If you have been researching anywhere online about Wedding Day Exits, Im sure you know by now that one of the most popular wedding day exits is the Sparkler Exit. This is definitely a fun and cool way to exit your wedding reception! Now, as you probably guessed it, there is a bit to take into consideration!

Sparkler Exit How-To + Tips to keep in mind!

After doing a couple of sparkler exits there is definitely some tricks to keep in mind!

  1. LIGHT FROM THE CENTER - there is a lot of ways to light sparklers, and after doing several we recommend to light the sparklers at the center of your two rows! After forming your aisle to walk down, have the person who will ignite the first two sparklers go to the center first. After igniting the two sparklers at the center, your guests can then share their sparkler fire!
  2. BUY LONG SPARKLERS - Do not get this one wrong! Please make sure to pick the right sparkler since you may only have one attempt, we highly recommend our couple to get sparklers that are longer than 24 Inches for the best possible results, especially if you have many guests!
  3. THE EARLIER THE BETTER - This isn't necessary but it is one that we take a bit seriously! We prefer to do sparkler exits earlier in the night as we can, this will give you the added protection that your guests will not be too tipsy to be playing with fire! Alcohol, A lot of People, and Fire don't go together too well!
  4. HAVE A COORDINATOR PRESENT - One of the things that we highly stress to our clients, is to please have a wedding coordinator present for Sparkler Exits that involve more than 20 Guests at the Line up. When it comes to Fire, Vendors, and Venues the least amount of risk you can have is the better, having a Professional Wedding Coordinator to assist in line up, igniting, and safely putting out the sparklers is your best bet!

#2 - The Bubble Exit

What could be more fun than running through a big cloud of bubbles when leaving your wedding reception, Plus the pictures look super cool!

Bubble Exit How-To + Tips to keep in mind!

You really cannot do anything wrong in this fun exit, but here are some tips to keep in mind before your send off!

  1. YOU NEED A-LOT OF BUBBLES - If there is one thing that you can't forget is to make sure you have more than you think you need! The benefit about doing bubbles rather than some of the alternatives is that bubbles can be bought in bulk packs, and at a very affordable price!
  2. BUBBLE GUNS ARE AMAZING - The best tip we can offer is to add a couple of bubble guns! Whether they are battery powered or spring powered these will make sure that you have a lot of bubbles in the air! Sometimes you do have to battle the wind blowing your bubbles away, so the best tool against that is some awesome bubble guns. We recommend 4 or 6 bubble guns to have at least 2 bubble guns in the front of the line and 2 bubble guns in the end!
  3. BUBBLES ARE BETTER AT NIGHT - The cool thing about bubble exits is that they work well During Sunset or at Night! We love to do bubble exits at night, this will look extra cool because your photographers flash will light up the bubbles and it will make them sparkle!

#3 - Glow Sticks or Light Sticks

This one is a classic! Glow sticks are a great option if your venue doesn't allow sparklers, since some venues don't, and when paired with some great music it makes an amazing and unforgettable exit!

Glow Stick/Light Stick How-To + Tips to keep in mind!

This one is unique but super fun! Though it may not seem to fun to swing around glow sticks, or light sticks, the pictures are amazing!

  1. LIGHT STICKS ARE GREAT FOR STREAKS - One huge tip, if you are trying to get cool streaks of different colors we highly recommend using small LED light glow sticks or in the pictures above we actually used LED Stick Candles! After you get a couple of these you can have your guests carefully wave them in the air to create shapes and cool colorful streaks!
  2. GLOW STICKS WORK GREAT FOR VIDEO - One Little thing to keep in mind is that regular glow sticks don't produce a lot of light for your photos, however they look amazing for your video! They great a blur and glow that makes your photos and video seem like a cool rave! Heres a video to demonstrate!
  3. IN A PINCH, YOU CAN USE PHONE FLASHLIGHTS - We know planning can be a bit challenging since you have so many things to consider, but if you are in a pinch and don't have glow sticks or LED lights, your guests can use your phone flashlights in a same manner! Just have them dance and wave the lights in the air to achieve similar streaks!

Get Creative!

There are so many ways of doing an exit! Here is just a few more suggestions! If you would like to know more about a certain exit feel free to ask!

  1. CONFETTI EXIT - If your venue permits this you can always use some plain white, colorful, or shiny confetti, and have your guests throw confetti with their hands or if you want to get fancy you can get some confetti cannons! Please be careful don't blow anyones head off!
  2. STANDARD OR TUNNEL EXIT - There is nothing wrong with having your loved ones line up in tunnel form or just in two rows to give you a screaming and loud exit! Just have your guests line up and have them all screaming and cheering you out of the reception like in your High School days!
  3. CAP GUNs EXIT - Want to exit with a Bang?! You can always use cap guns! They are loud, and fun, and what's so cool is that you can use these during the Day! They are loud so don't blow anyones ear drums out!


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